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riggie regrets born riggie regret ranganayi.on the third day of june around 1800 hrs my mom was taken to mpilo hospital with some labour pains.a few minutes later there was a wailing sound as the world welcomed me with some fresh air.my my father smiled for his third and last son...........
My own survey.
Brihadarianyaka Upanishad(Hindu scripture):
There is a new existence spoken in the Upanishad.lt cld be either in form of an animal or other human being of lesser or better state depending on the life one led in the present life.ln short future life can be prepared for and that is why one needs to make good his Karma in the present.
KARMA;is a belief that every action in a person's life will have concequences in the future.lts believed that souls go through series of births,deaths and rebirth (reincarnations) thus [[Karma]] is important for anyone who believes in it.
The ultimate goal is to attain (moksha) perfection of the soul which releases a person from a constant process of rebirth.
This concept of repeated births was devoped after the Verdic period.This doctrine was included by humans in subsequent Hindu scriputures including Upanishad,Baghvad Gita and Puranas in concous attempt to rationalise and explain the differences between individuals at birth different circumstances people find themselves in.

Many church goers wear a cross or have a cross crucifix in thier homes and crosses are found in many church buildings,but the cross actually a Pagan origin.The facts show that ,rather than being the exclusive symbol of cristianity,the cross has been in use centuries before our beloved Christ was born.This is admitted by the Catholic Encyclopedia (1908 edition):"the sign of the cross epresented in its simplest form by a crossing of two lines at right angles greatly antidates in both the east and the west."Showing the pagan religious of the cross,the book The Ancient Church by Clergyman W.D Killen says (1959 edition):"from the most remote antiquity,the cross was venerated in Egypt and Syria;it was held in equal honor by the Buddhist from the East.....about the comencement of our era,the Pagan were wont to make the sign of a cross upon the forehead in the celebration of some of their scared mysteries.
The cross has its origin in ancient chaldea (babylon)and was used as the symbol of the god Tammuz (being the shape of the mystic Tau or T,the initial of the name.the use of the Greek word Xulon or xylon meaning a timber,in connection of the death of our Lord is complete that the Lord was put to death upon an upright stake and not on two pieces of timber placed at any angle.ln the middle of the third century,AD,the churches have either departed from or had made a distorted imitation of certain doctrines of the Christian faith in order to increase prestige of the apostate ecclesiastical system pagans were received into the churches apart from regeneration by faith and were permitted Largely to retain their Pagan signs and symbols.Hence the Tau or T with the crossing piece lowered was adopted to stand for the cross of the Christ:+
It is not normal to cherish and adore the weapons used to murder someone we love.who would think of kissing a revolver that had been used to kill or murder a loved one or of wearing it around his neck?
This being so,and the cross being proved to be a Pagan religious symbol,those who have wore such an object,or had crucifixes in their homes thinking that this honored God and His Son are faced with important decision.
CHRISTMAS;((to be continued)
by checking reference words in a public library,l found that it was unknown among the earliest christians.
Jesus instructed his followers to observe a memorial of His death,not his birth.The World book Encyclopedia says;'in AD 354,Bishop Liberius of Rome ordered the people to celebrate on Dec 25.He probably chose this date because the people of Rome already observed it as the feast of saturn,celebrating the birthday of the sun,therefore christmass is of pagan origin therefore a displeasing to God.

ls a Christiandom's chief religious holiday,said to be held in memory of Christ being raised from the dead.But Christ didn't give a command to celebrate His resurrection.history books tells us that Easter was not celebrated by early christians and that is based on ancient pagan practices.

RELIGIONS gives people a model for human behavior,most include the idea that those who do good will be rewarded and bad behavior will be punnished....

I was suppose to be @ home and now l am stuck here,because of inconsistence of my workmates,l ended up in the hands of police

the only thing l know is that lm a father before anything else,may God bless my bby Eminence.../rigvile/